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The Ten Tun Tap House is an independent bar specialising in amazing beer and cider from independent producers.  We have 9 keg taps, 4 cask pumps and a can fridge (in addition to quality wines, spirits and soft drinks). 


From one week to the next the beers will change, with the idea being to explore new styles and interpretations of beer.

Being an independent is a huge benefit for both you and us.  Firstly, we don't have a brewery/pub co telling us what to do and buy.  We can source whatever we want from wherever we want, and the environment is our own - not a pre-fabricated stale bore of a venue. 


We play the music we like and have a bit of fun with being a pub. Because that's what this should be - a fun experience and a place to forget the stresses of life.


Jason D

Owner & Beer Lover

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