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Good To Know

Do you offer takeaways?
Yes.  We have 2 pint takeaway containers for draught as well as a well stocked can fridge, both with 10% takeaway discounts.  Growler refills are also available.

Do you do food?
Sure do!  See the 'Food' page for info on our partnership with Dill Cafe.  Outside of their service hours you're welcome to bring a takeaway.  Just remember to tidy up afterwards.

Are dogs and children allowed in?
Absolutely.  Children accompanied by a responsible adult are allowed in the bar.  Please remember that this is an adult environment so no screaming - kids, dogs or adults.


Can I bring my model village into the bar?

Due to space restrictions we can only accept model hamlets.

Do you have wines and spirits?
Yes.  Good ones.

Is there parking nearby?
Lady Place car park is 100yds across the square.


What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

24 miles per hour or 11 meters per second (European swallow).

Do you accept cash?
We have stopped taking cash payments.  Contactless, chip & PIN and valuable artworks are the only forms of payment we accept.

Do you have disabled access?
Unfortunately not.  There are steps leading into the bar (without rails) and we don't have disabled toilets.

Can you provide excuses for me being seriously late home?

Yes, but not particularly convincing ones.  E.g. during a brief, yet intense North-Easterly wind in the bar, my clothes fell clean off and I had to train local cats to retrieve them to protect my dignity.

Can we book a table?

We're not booking tables any more.  

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