Back To 'The Pub'

Remember getting home from work and texting your mates "Beer"? or just stopping off at the bar and chatting to whoever turned up?  Be nice to do that again wouldn't it?


Table Reservations

Table reservations and the rule of 6 will end from July 19th. Thank you to everyone who has booked with us and endured the sit down beer experience. But from the 19th you can just turn up and enjoy a beer whilst stood at the bar, leaning on Danny Devito, spinning on your head, etc.  Tables and chairs will still be fine to use though.

Face Coverings

Face coverings will not be compulsory after July 19th. Please feel free to wear one if you wish, but you will be subjected to seeing staff faces in full. Sorry about that. 

Table Service
Table service will also grind to a halt. Yes I can hear the groans - you lot have gotten lazy haven't you! But we're a pub after all, and part of that magic is being at the bar. Plus, we're bored of Jason moaning about his tired legs. 

Stay At Home...

If you are showing symptoms of Covid, or suspect you might be carrying it from a recent contact, please stay away until you're sure it's safe to go out.  This thing hasn't gone yet and we don't want to take a step back.

General Hygiene

We're all adults, right?  Please wash your hands after visiting the loo and continue to use the sanitiser provided.  If that's a bit too much to ask, it's only a 5 minute walk to Wetherspoons. 

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